Who Am I?


This was something I could not define for a very long time. Actually, I believed I was a lot of things. A law graduate. An expert in martial arts.

A TV commentator. An entrepreneur. A manager. A former high
school chess champion. Sounds quite good, right?

The truth is that I am a law graduate who passed all exams on time, but postponed writing his thesis for 10 years, out of reasons still unknown to me. Somehow, it was never the right time. I only pretended to be a martial arts expert. I became a TV commentator by chance, persuaded by a friend. I was an entrepreneur, that is true, but most often a failed one. I started many projects and none of them were especially successful. Yes, I was also a manager. I managed various small companies. Sounds very successful. But my results were minor.
I also had one major business flaw – an appetite for destruction of what I created. Doesn’t sound so good anymore, right?

There is one thing I most certainly was not. I was not a father. At least not the kind of father Vito needed from the very start. A father that understands and tries hard. A father that is by his son+ss side and does everything to understand what’s wrong.
No, I was not that kind of father.

So who am I? Just a person trying to earn the only title that matters to me.
A dad. I just want to be Vito’s dad and perhaps a friend to special kids.
No more fancy title. Only love and deeds that make love proud.


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