MY HOUSE: House of Angels for Special Children


After spending so many hours in hospitals, I came up with the idea of providing free accommodation to families of children with special needs. Many kids experience serious health issues, and their families are often exhausted, both physically and financially. A lot of these families also come from rural areas and cannot always afford to travel to the city for medical care.

I live in a small village called Igrisce. I own a four-bedroom duplex. Since I live alone, I decided to open my home to those in need. I offer families free accommodation and rides to hospitals in Zagreb (about 30 minutes away). As the parent of a special boy, I understand these families’ challenges and I see the House of Angels as a quiet and peaceful respite from their stressful lives.

I’ve received a few humanitarian awards for this. I find them flattering, but little more than fancy pieces of paper. What I cherish more is friendship and love. The families who visit my humble home are my biggest reward. It seems like I’m helping them, but they are actually helping me achieve a higher purpose in life.

I believe I need them even more than they need me.


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