MY BOOK: I See You – A Journey With Autism


I See You is a powerful true story of many facets; of transformation, discovery, denial, hope, fear… and ultimately, of love. A reluctant father comes to the realization that Vito, his son, is a child with special needs. He hears the words spoken by his son’s teachers – and by a range of specialists, who try to explain that Vito is developmentally challenged – but hearing is rarely the same as listening. Denial is quick to set in, and Vito’s father buries himself in his work: a distraction from a truth which is increasingly difficult to ignore: his son is on the autism spectrum, and the path they must take together will not be the easiest of roads to walk.

Vito’s autism leads his father, Slaven, into a corner from which he must ultimately escape. His home life is put in a perilous position, and mask upon mask is worn in order to deal with the struggles of denial. However, Slaven comes to the understanding that life deals us the hand we have to play, and his role as a father must come before his pride. His journey is one he cannot walk alone, and a trickle of hope slowly turns into a wave of empathy, acceptance, and parental love.

Walking onwards with his son at one side and his Christian faith at the other, Slaven sets out on the path that God has laid before him. The challenges they face together may not be easy, but the lessons they teach lead Slaven to be the man his son deserves. As they march forward, dealing with disabilities, the struggle of parenting, the overcoming of prejudices, a truth is reached: Vito is a blessing, a gift, and one with the power to enrich the lives of those who love him.


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